Neuralink to develop a brain implant that can Link Human Brains With Computers

What would you do if you’re stuck in traffic for hours? You would probably blame the transportation authority for not creating alternative options for you to travel safely and wait for the traffic to clear up. Not Elon Musk. Once he got in traffic, he got bored with waiting and started to lay plans for a new underground transportation system that will help very much to counter the transportation problem.


Elon Musk, probably the greatest visionary in the world right now with his projects such as Space X (Mars tour), Tesla, etc. comes to the company Neuralink, a company that is trying to develop a brain implant that connects the Computer with the human brains. The company was first founded in 2016 with San Francisco as its headquarters.

Mr. Musk hopes to achieve this within 4 years of time. After acquiring the name and the logo, Elon Musk started this venture in early 2016. These implant devices are just on the size of microns. The device aims at creating a link between computers and our human brain with the support of the implantable devices.

This initial aim of the device is for the medical purposes in the shorter run. For instance, this device will work at understanding the communication with patients with serious brain diseases who can’t be able to communicate with others or have trouble in communicating with others. But in the longer term, the device aims at human enhancement.

Every day we strive to unlock our potential to learn new things. But we have a limit that our body and the mind cannot exceed. The Neuralink was created for that purpose. The human enhancement would be one of the major long-term application if the Technology was developed successfully by Elon Musk and co.

Elon Musk got this idea from a fictional technology called as Neural lace. The Neural lace is a concept that includes various options items such as telepathy, human enhancement, it connects with databases, and it stores data of our brain, and it can be used after the death of someone. You can read and receive thought just like you do with the text messages or a phone call. If such technology was developed, the possibilities are enormous. This technology will take us to a new technological revolution in the long run.

If Neuralink is proven to be successful, just think about the changes that it will bring to the current technology. The technology we have now will be obsolete in a decade, and new technologies will be developed that is beyond our comprehension. We started out as a single cell organism, and now after taking leaps and bounds with our innovation, we are here where a company is developing a computer system that will connect our brain to a neural network.

In case we have learned anything the changes is the only thing that will withstand time. At this growth rate, you can’t help but wonder what all the achievements we can achieve in the future with a visionary like Elon Musk leading the technological revolution are.

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